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All New Ford Ranger 2015 - Amazing SUV Car

After the official release of the SUV with off-road appearance of the New Ford Everest in 2015, the domestic automakers Uncle Sam is preparing to launch a pick-up truck Ford Ranger with a physique that is almost similar to the SUV.

Scheduled to be paved in the Asia-Pacific region in 2015, Ford has released the first teaser video fomat refreshed grille similar to the Ford Everest in 2015. The concept is actually quite similar to the system used by Toyota that make sharing DNA between Toyota Hilux and Fortuner . The new grille models have larger dimensions, combined with changes in the sector of the front bumper and fog lights. Judging by other body parts, it seems there will be no significant changes. Or maybe the official teaser video is deliberately not show directly.

The most striking differences when compared to the type of SUV, the Ford Ranger has the tailgate open. While Ford Everest which includes SUVs, do not have. But this kind obviously is not the usual type of pickup. Equipped with large tires and body height, suitable Ranger drove the field - the field can be said to be severe. For example, areas - high areas. Looking to other body parts, it seems there will be no significant changes for this new type. But great also the possibility that Ford is still secrecy. What is its purpose? Surely to make the car more curious lovers.

But a little leak, the 2015 Ford Ranger Release is equipped with Curve Control. Features that will automatically control the course of the vehicle. Curve Control will be able to slow down the vehicle, if it detects Ranger cornering too fast. Btw, New Ford Ranger 2016 concept will come on end of 2015. Leaks is on that source. How about Price, It's the official ford ranger 2015 price

Rabu, 22 April 2015

All New Toyota Auris 2015 : The Honda Jazz Rival

Comes with a new concept that is more fresh and adorable Toyota car packed its flagship series 2014 Toyota Auris hatchback cars desired by urban filled with modernity. Sedan cars without baggage is like to answer the needs of consumers for cars with a sporty concept that has powerful features and reliable. Toyota Auris 2014 presents a new exterior and interior designs that will surely add to the perfection of this car than the previous version. At this special moment Semisena will share price information Toyota Auris 2015 for lovers of sporty cars from Toyota. Let us refer to together.

Before we discuss the price of the Toyota Auris 2015 on autoshow, I'd want review a little beforehand what advantages are there in this sporty car. Aggressive and sporty look seems very suitable to describe this toyota hatchback. How not, in the exterior sector pinned Trapezoidal Grill, Aero Fin, and roof Catamaran that will make this car looks solid, strong, and have a high aerodynamic values. Elegant design and modern cars are felt from the look of this car. Carved front bumper with an accent that makes an angle trapezoidal add a unique and sporty impression of this car. Headlights also implies that this car is cool and steady from the previous variants. This is certainly also a major factor why the price of a Toyota Auris 2015 hybrid more expensive than the previous variants.

2015 Corolla : The Best Sedan Car

Once included in the upscale sedan, 2015 Toyota Corolla release continues to improve its quality. Cars with this cutting-edge technology that is not priced too high. For specification engine, this car uses the engine type 3 ZR-FE with a 4-cylinder. Reached 1987 cc engine capacity, with a maximum power output reached 158 pm at engine speed of 6000 rpm, and maximum torque of 21.0 kgm generated at engine speed of 3,600 rpm. The fuel system is equipped with Electronic fuel injection system that can save on fuel usage. Fuel Unleaded Gasoline own use with a tank capacity of 55 liters. Transmission system using Super CVT - I with 7 speed sequential sports Shiftmatic, Paddle Shift and Cruise control.

Toyota Corolla 2015 specs cars with fuel-efficient system that makes the car suitable for use in everyday life. The elegant exterior design and luxury are the main attraction for people who want to look classy. Toyota Corolla also comes with several types, including the All New Corolla Altis 1.8 GM / T. here is Corolla 2015 Price

Honda FIT 2015 : The Best City Car for Young

To Automania, at this time we would like to price honda fit very interesting to know where to look in the latest very good and you certainly very pleased with the car's Honda Fit, slim body and a luxurious interior makes teenagers would really like to do with The Honda Fit car.For Honda fit can be called with Honda Jazz Fit for which many people would call honda fit because it is a new model of Honda Jazz today. City Car is indeed very nice and attractive to teenagers, because it could become a mainstay of them to be stylish.Not experienced many changes in the outer shell, the most expensive variant of the All-New Honda Fit / Jazz 2015 will come with a variety of features and the latest technology. There will be a New LaneWatch Display with 7-inch infotainment system, Bluetooth Connectivity, push-button start, heated mirrors Wing, monroof and heated front seats that will make the atmosphere of the cabin All-New Honda Fit / Jazz more comfortable.At the heart pacemaker, this Japanese city car dropout using i-VTEC engine with a capacity of 1.5 liter direct injection with a maximum power of 130 hp and peak torque of 154 Nm. The car will come with using a CVT gearbox or 6-speed manual transmission.

Minggu, 19 April 2015

Ford Mustang 2015: The Legendary Car

Ford Mustang is a car that a new version of its legendary always anticipated later each year, manufacturers of leading companies of this Ford does have its own charisma in attracting users. This car is one of my favorite cars, update and increase the performance of this car every year more and make this car look perfect.Ford mustang 2015 release and look very handsome in appearance outside and inside, the sophistication of the technology has been applied in this interior.
Mustang 2015 Convertible Edition
2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost On Color

Ford Mustang 2015 GT Red Color
Cars which is produced in the US Founded in 1903, and started his car in the US market. To suggest a car that became the hallmark of the United States producers are fierce appearance and looking more muscular be compared cars from other manufacturers. For 2015, the Ford Mustang RTR will release his latest series, and the latest model is produced based on the all-new models is the result of development by Vagn Gittin Jr. As ever in reports Worldcarfans, RTR 2015 is going intended primarily for consumers who want a mustang mustang more gahar and more handsome.For the latest new ford mustang 2015 convertible silver color car choice, there are two options to change the specification of that specification The interior to the exterior appearance added chin spoiler, rear diffuser with a side splitter, upper grille with a built lighting, rear spoiler, lower grille and rocker splitters.As for the second option, consumers will be rewarded with a power boost that presents a lot of power which certainly can produce maximum performance. By using Liter V8 5. This car will be able to generate power of 725 horsepower (549 kw) with additional supercharged. Mesinpun upgrade option is given, the EcoBoost four-cylinder engine capacity of 2.3 liters can be crammed into the All-New Ford Mustang RTR

For the more details of ford mustang 2015 price you can go and check out at Official 2015 ford mustang price

For The 2015 ford mustang Look. I attached some images of new ford mustang 2015 new release.
Red Mustang 2015 Photograph
New Release of 2015 Ford Mustang on Front View

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