Selasa, 28 April 2015

All New Ford Ranger 2015 - Amazing SUV Car

After the official release of the SUV with off-road appearance of the New Ford Everest in 2015, the domestic automakers Uncle Sam is preparing to launch a pick-up truck Ford Ranger with a physique that is almost similar to the SUV.

Scheduled to be paved in the Asia-Pacific region in 2015, Ford has released the first teaser video fomat refreshed grille similar to the Ford Everest in 2015. The concept is actually quite similar to the system used by Toyota that make sharing DNA between Toyota Hilux and Fortuner . The new grille models have larger dimensions, combined with changes in the sector of the front bumper and fog lights. Judging by other body parts, it seems there will be no significant changes. Or maybe the official teaser video is deliberately not show directly.

The most striking differences when compared to the type of SUV, the Ford Ranger has the tailgate open. While Ford Everest which includes SUVs, do not have. But this kind obviously is not the usual type of pickup. Equipped with large tires and body height, suitable Ranger drove the field - the field can be said to be severe. For example, areas - high areas. Looking to other body parts, it seems there will be no significant changes for this new type. But great also the possibility that Ford is still secrecy. What is its purpose? Surely to make the car more curious lovers.

But a little leak, the 2015 Ford Ranger Release is equipped with Curve Control. Features that will automatically control the course of the vehicle. Curve Control will be able to slow down the vehicle, if it detects Ranger cornering too fast. Btw, New Ford Ranger 2016 concept will come on end of 2015. Leaks is on that source. How about Price, It's the official ford ranger 2015 price

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